I started mending clothes with my Grandmother (pictured above) when I was a kid, mainly replacing buttons and mending tears in my school uniform. When my skills were up to scratch she taught me how to Darn. Ever since then, whenever wear and tear got the better of my clothes, I've mended them by hand, the way I learnt as a kid. It was her influence that inspired me to create Darn and Dusted. 

Over the years, I have acquired some great vintage pieces that have been lovingly repaired by their owners. This process allows for the garment to take on its own individual character. These pieces have helped me to develop my understanding of fabrics and to hone my skills in mending them in a traditional way. It’s a shame that nowadays most people would consider clothing that's starting to signs of wear as being ready to throw out, at Darn and Dusted we see it as the beginning of a new life.

I offer a completely bespoke service doing all of the mending by hand, using both traditional methods and materials. All my services and finishes are tailored to you. By using Darned and Dusted you'll be able to preserve and continue to enjoy wearing your favourite garments.

Luke Deverell,

Darn and Dusted.